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Wednesday, 15 February 2017 20:41

Now is the time to protect your home from ice dams Featured

By  Plymouth Rock Insurance Companies
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After three winter storms in less than a week, you may be noticing some pretty large snow piles on the roof of your home. With a slight warm up in temperature coming week-end, now is the time to remove snow in order to prevent the buildup of ice dams - and potential damage to your home. 
As you may recall from our winter in 2015, ice dams can be very destructive as the water from melting snow backs up behind the dam and leaks into your home underneath the shingles. 
There are two basic approaches to help you prevent damage to your home from ice dams: 
1. Remove snow and ice from your roof. The safest way to clear your roof is to hire a snow removal professional. However, if you plan to do it yourself, follow these recommendations from roofing experts:
                            Use a roof rake instead of a shovel    
                            Try not to damage your shingles    
                            Avoid standing under icicles or roofs with large amounts of snow    
                            Use extreme caution when using ladders because rungs become very slippery    
                            Keep tools away from electrical wires    
                            Have someone nearby in case you need assistance    
2. Create channels to help melt ice.
                            If you notice an ice buildup, fill a large sock with a  melting agent (preferably   calcium chloride) and lay it across the dam perpendicular to the gutter    
                            The sock will release the melting agent gradually and create a channel in the ice   for water to empty through    
                            You may need several socks for an ice dam that runs the length of your roof    
What if water is dripping inside my home? 
If you notice leaks in your home, it's important to do what you can to mitigate the damage:
                            Collect the dripping water in buckets and pans    
                            Mop up standing water    
                            Move furniture, clothes and valuables out of harm's way    
                            Call a professional to deal with the snow on the roof and to dry out your house

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