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Thursday, 19 November 2015 21:09

Welcome to our New Equine Agent; Jade Stanbrook!

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My name is Jade Stanbrook and I’m an Equine Insurance Agent

And no, I didn’t go to my 4-H groups or Morgan youth group meetings and introduce myself saying ‘I’m Jade and when I grow up I want to be an Equine Insurance Agent’.  I myself wasn’t even aware that Equine Insurance existed until after I graduated from college with a bachelors in Equine Management – already having worked in Home, Car and Aviation Insurance for 8 years.

What I did know was that I loved horses.  I still enjoy trail rides, horse shows, and yes, even cleaning tack and stalls.   Horses have been a constant in my life and a continuous source of enjoyment and relaxation.   It was this that drove me to get my BA in Equine Management .  But, when the harsh realities that I wouldn’t make a great trainer or farm owner settled in, I knew I needed something else.

So, when I realized that Equine insurance existed it seemed like the perfect marriage of my work experience and personal interests.  Although I know I’m not the only person in the Equine Insurance world, I do have a solid background in both insurance and horses, as well as a desire to be a unique voice within the insurance world.I’m not here to load you down with insurance techno-babble, I merely want to help you find the policy that works the best for you.

Investment protectionHorses are expensive.  They are a luxury item.  How many of us owners consider ourselves horse poor?  No matter how you slice it- horses are an investment. Without insurance, you risk losing your investment to an accident, an injury or an illness.   The perfect horse owner doing everything right can still lose a horse to colic (or spend a pretty penny saving a horse from a significant colic).   Whether your horse is valued at $1,000 or $1,000,000 - it’s still a heavy investment and if you want to protect yourself, and your investment, insurance is a must.

Choosing a policy:  Not all policies are created equally and not everyone needs a big expensive policy.  Here are just some of the more common misnomers:   pic1

I can’t insure my horse, I just adopted himActually, yes, you can purchase anywhere from $5,000 basic up to $15,000 worth of major medical even if you just  rescued your horse for $500.  While it’s true that you must have some sort of Mortality, we have a company that will allow insurance on the “free” horses too!

I can’t get insurance because my horse was injured a few months ago.  Or, aren’t they going to exclude the whole leg now? You would be surprised by how reasonable many of the insurance companies have become.  They understand that not all injuries, accidents or illnesses are created equally and so they will look at each scenario before making any decisions as to what exclusions, if any will be placed on the policy.  And hey- not all exclusions last forever either so if you start out with one, it’s very possible it can be reviewed and removed in the future. 

But, the policy doesn’t cover everything.  I want a policy that covers everything. 

Sorry, that policy doesn’t exist.  Much like people insurance, each company has its subtle differences.  Make sure that your insurance agent (hopefully me! J) explains the limitations that exist in each policy.  They should be listed out for you and ultimately you will want to make sure to read your policy when it arrives to fully understand what it does and does not cover.  In general, you will find that most limitations built into policies have to do with lengthy and pic horizontal
puzzling lameness issues.   Since lameness issues account for most of the claims out there, many insurance companies limit the payout for lameness diagnostics and treatment.   Also be sure to inquire if there are any co-pays in addition to a deductible. 

The moral to the story is to ask questions and inquire.  People like me are here to help you make good decisions that will give you peace of mind.   Protecting your investment (taking care of your fur-baby) just makes good sense.


If you are interested in learning more please contact me anytime:               Jade Stanbrook

Foy Insurance - Equine Division

64 Portsmouth Ave PO Box 1030

Exeter NH 03833-1030

Cell 603.770.6864

Fax 603.772.3246

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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