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Tuesday, 07 April 2015 15:59

Testimonial Tuesday regarding Dan and the Dover NH staff

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We love to get testimonials from our clients!  We know how hard our employees work so it's exciting and rewarding to hear well deserved praise from a client.

Testimonial: To Dan and everyone at Foy Insurance (Dover NH)

I know I've told you before how  much I appreciate the great customer service that you all give.  Not only is it "great" service - but the response is wonderful.

I think I told you in the past that it's "faster than a speeding bullet".  But I have to change that - it's almost faster than the speed of light.

I was in a real time crunch for this info and was hoping to get it sometime before the weekend. Instead - the info was back to me from you in less than an hour.

You should teach a "Customer Service Seminar" - a multitude of businesses would certainly benefit from both your example and your advice.

Thanks so much


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