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Motorcycle Snowmobile and ATV Insurance New England
Foy Insurance can shop the top motorcycle insurers for you, so you wind up with the perfect policy at an affordable price.

Motorcycle policies are complex, and its critical to obtain the correct policy. With New England's regulations, should you consider purchasing motorcycle insurance? The choice is simple. Cycle insurance is an affordable way to protect the rider, passenger and bike. If you ride with a passenger, you must carry at least the minimum $10,000 in liability protection depending on your state.

Motorcycling is not just fun, it's a way of life, and the New Hampshire area is famous for building and riding some of the world's best bikes. Being out on the open road represents some of the most enjoyable time you can have, but it's good to remember that with all of the fun comes a great amount of risk. Make sure you take the appropriate steps to ensure safety. Always wear a helmet and other protection, and speak to a Foy Insurance representative to find the right coverage to mitigate your financial risk. Our agents ride, and are standing by to help.


Coverage for your ATV & Dirt Bike

Foy Insurance specializes in coverage for your all-terrain-vehicle, quad or dirt bike as well. Take a rider's safety course, and protect you and your ride with a customized ATV policy through one of Foy Insurance's top motorcycle and ATV carriers. Your auto and home policies don't cover you or your passenger, so get the proper coverage at an affordable price. Fill out the form on the right to get in touch with one of our Motorcycle/ATV Insurance Specialists.

Take a motorcycle safety course before you ride!


Coverage for your Snowmobile

We all know New England has some of the best snowmobile trail riding in the country. Snowmobiling grants us access to some of the most pristine wilderness, incredible views... and is a blast, too! With that in mind, few snowmobilers can claim that they don't remember a time somebody was hurt, stuck or otherwise in need of snowmobile insurance. These machines are great fun (when used properly can be used with relative safety) but they are still known to be somewhat dangerous machines as they are fast, powerful and can venture into areas that aren't often frequented or hazardous. Additionally, snow is excellent at hiding obstacles. It's important to obtain snowmachine coverage. There are many different types of snowmobile coverage that a Foy Insurance agent can help you decide from to make sure you get the coverage that is right for you.


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